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ReduXs capsules are suitable for those who have long-term problem with their weight. For athletes who want to keep the weight and for those who eat healthy, but sometimes have a sweet tooth.

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ReduXs can be used comfortably, once per day. Wash down with lukewarm water one capsule every morning and you can start to lose your weight and feel better. *

60 capsules reduXs

1 pack 55€ = 39 €

120 capsules reduXs

2 packs -10% discount= 70,20€

180 capsules reduXs

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From herbal extracts.

Using ingredients from herbal extracts
reduXs reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

100% pure product.

Each capsule reduXs contains
only premium quality ingredients.

Made in Germany.

The product is manufactured in Germany,
supported by nutrition experts.

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  • enhances fat burning (absorbs fat)
  • appetite suppressant
  • promotes lipolysis
  • reduces lipid and cholesterol levels
  • increases energy and regulates metabolism
  • potential weight loss 4-6 kg per month
  • visible effect in one month
  • without the side effects

* The body of each person is different and reacts differently. In rare cases, adverse reactions such as headache, feeling hot or cold, and it can occur especially at the beginning of use, until your body gets used to the active substances (2-4 days). To avoid adverse effects, make sure that you enjoyed the capsule as indicated: a maximum of 1 capsule in the morning before breakfast with plenty of water and also increase fluid intake during the day. ReduXs capsules are unsuitable for diabetics, people suffering from kidney and liver disease, heart valve or leukemia.