Who we are and what is our philosophy

Bio Expedit GmbH is a company active in the sector of bio-foods and nutrients. Our company has managers with many years of experience in this field as well as experience in the food and bio-ingredients from Asia, America, Europe and Africa, nearly all over the world.

We offer our customers high-quality products and thus the possibility of a higher quality, healthier and more satisfied life.

Bio Expedit, GmbH specialises in the import and export of organic products, herbal extracts, organic spices, nuts, teas and dried fruit. The basis of the company’s success are natural active ingredients, which are also the main component of the dietary supplement reduXs. In the field of weight loss and maintaining the ideal weight we cooperate with several professors, students from Europe and Asia, and experts dealing with issues of weight reduction.

Our greatest support is the Prof. Dr.Mr.Chen of the X´i an University and Mr.Fu, who dedicates his whole life to the development of products for weight loss.

Maybe we are looking for you

Our goal is continuous development and therefore if you are a student of pharmacy, biochemistry, physical education and sport and are interested in cooperation with us, please contact us.

Address and contact

Bio Expedit, GmbH
Landshuter Allee 8-10,
D-80 637 München

Mobile: +421 948 18 88 18, +49 1514 18 88 188
Email: info@reduxs.com